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Bunny Nest
I Found a Wild Animal, Now What?

Unless an animal is in immediate distress, the best thing you can do to help it, is to leave it alone. When a baby animal is by itself, the mother has likely left it there to go off in search of food. By you interacting with the animal, will increase the likelihood of a predator finding it due to the scent you will leave behind.

Please always contact the Wildlife Hotline before removing any young animal from a situation 306-242-7177

Found an Animal in Distress

If you observe any of the following, the animal may need help. Please call the WRSOS Hotline and monitor the animal if you can; 306-242-7177

  • Blood?

  • Old wounds or injuries?

  • Maggots or flies?

  • Missing or dragging wings or limbs?

  • Discharge from nose or eyes?

  • Missing fur or feathers?

  • Contact with a cat or dog?

  • Dead parent or siblings nearby?

  • Lethargic behaviour, no movement, eyes half closed, panting, gaping mouth?

  • Odd behaviour – running into things, nocturnal animals out during the day, too tame?



(Wildlife Rescue Society of Saskatchewan)

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