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Feeding Newborn Kitten


Volunteers inside the shelter are always a great advantage for us! Whether its helping with basic care duties or taking the dogs for a walk, please apply and schedule some hours today!

Grey Cat


Looking to add to your family? We have a selection of medically cleared cats and dogs ready to go! Check out our adoption page or stop by the shelter to meet our furry friends. You can find the application to adopt here!

For those who are uncertain, ask about our Trial Adoption! This gives you 14 days obligation free to test out the animal in your home!

Dog in Cone


By simply making room in your home to welcome a homeless pet for a temporary timeframe does wonders in helping the shelter! Everything from food, toys and medical costs are covered by EHS while fostering. We see special needs animals frequently, bottle-fed babies and animals needing around the clock care. If you're able please apply!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does fostering entail?

Fostering is an easy way to help out the shelter for medical cases or young animals. Since we are shelter based, having animlas out on foster reduces the liklihoo dof adoption signigicantly. However there are times such as young bottle fed kittens or an injured animal recovering from surgery come to our door and need extra assistance. This is when we rely on our fosters to give the animals some extra TLC. Bottle-feeds require around the clock care and medical cases often need frequent medications. If you are interested please consider joining our foster network!

Trial Adoption VS. Fostering

Our trial adoption program is simply that. It allows potential adopters to have an obligation free trial run with an animal they are interested in. This is beneficial for those who have other pets already, have children, or are on the fence about a specific animal. After 14 days you are required to either finalize the adoption or bring the animal back to the facility. Fosters are temporary homes for our animals to recover and receive extra care. Once they are approved for adoption, they simply come back to the shelter and receive advertisment as available to be adopted!

What is expected of me as a foster?

Simply put, a home and attention. We provide everything from food to bedding and medical care. All necessary supplies will be provided by the shelter while the animal is in your care. Any medical appontmetns must be pre-approved by the shelter manager, otherwise this will be an expense not reimbursed. This is simply to avoid unnecessary vet trips.

Im currently fostering but plan to leave the city, what now?

If you are planning a vacation, the animal must come back to the shelter. If the animal you are caring for is a medical case, appropriate notice must be given to arrange for a replacement foster. Animals must not leave the city unless otherwise approved by the shelter manager.

What comes with the adoption fee?

All cats and kittens at $150. Dogs and puppies are $295. This fee covers the spay/neuter, basic DA2PP/FVRCP vaccination, basic deworming, and their first rabies vaccine, and a waived city license registration. DA2PP and FVRCP are vaccinations which require boosters. If boosters are required post adoption this is the financial responsibility of the new owner. As a shelter we are unable to ensure health of the animla at time of vaccination therefore we strongly recomend seeking proper veterinary care when it comes to booster vaccines. We want to see happy and healthy pets! All together you save ~$500 by adopting through EHS!

How long does the application process take?

All applications will start the processing process the following business day. Due to the volume of applications we receive from time to time, this may mean your applicaiton will take a little longer than expected. If you do not hear anything regarding your applicaiton within a week of applying, you can always give us a call to check in! We do not contact unsuccessful applications. All applicaitons are processed in order that they were received to keep it fair. Factors such as medical state and illness play a role in adopting. We do our best to reach out to you if something has come up with the animal you have applied for and give a timeline on when the animal will be ready for adoption.

Can I adopt the same day I visit?

The only way we can guarentee same day adoption is is you have been pre-approved. Out of town adopters are always encouraged to pre-apply before visiting. An animals name isnt required for pre-approval so you can still visit and have the fun of picking out your new forever friend!

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