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Join Our Foster Community!

We often can use extra help with animals, and foster homes are a great resource to help with that! We are always seeking foster homes for the following:

- Kittens under 8 weeks of age

- Nursing/Pregnant moms

- Animals with medical recoveries

These are short term fostering commitments lasting up to 8 weeks! If this is something you are interested in helping out with, please click the button below to find our foster home application! For further questions please check out our FAQ!

Petting a White Cat

Frequently asked questions

What does a foster home entail?

Foster homes are a temporary location for our animals to live while recoverying from a major surgery, having kittens, or nursing kittens. When moved to a home environemtn stressors go way down for the animal and allows them to recover at a helathy rate. Disease transmission is significantly lower so that makes foster homes a great alternative to the shelter environemt for immuno-supressed animals such as young kittens.

What is required of a foster home?

1. Approved foster home application 2. Loving environemnet free of stressors 3. Someone who is home often to care for the animal/distribute medication when necessary.

I have pets, can I still foster?

Absolutely! If the animals need to be restricted, we procvide a crate so they arent roaming your home/have too much movement and can recover. So long as your furry family members dont mind the presances of temporary visitors and you are under the Bylaw allowance, you are welcome to foster!

Will it be any cost to me?

No! All supplies you may need while caring for one of our animals will be provided by EHS. This includes dishes, litter scoops, leashes/collars/ litter, food, treats, toys, bedding, etc! If there are items you wish to purchase on your own you certainly are welcome to however it is not expected!

What if I want to adopt my foster?

AKA Foster fail, this is definietly allowed! If you have fallen in love with your temporary house guest, just inform our Manager and we can get you the appropriate paperwork once the animal has been cleared for adoption.

Is your question not here?

Send us an email! Any questions you may have, others likely have too! Let us improve our FAQ by sending us an email at estevanhumanesociety@sasktel.net

What if a medical incident occurs?

If your foster needs medical attention you will need to contact the Shelter Manager or Foster Coordinator at 306-634-3444. We need to pre-authorize any appoiontments that occur, if this isnt done you will be exptected to cover your appointment and will not be reimbursed. For emergency situations please go directly to the vet and they will contact us immediately.

What our current fosters have to say: