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Cat Walking
The Mission

Humane population control of feral* or community cats is a challenge most urban areas face. Many factors are to be considered before a solution can be made. By trapping, neutering, and releasing, we are providing the community with the rodent control solution that feral cats provide, but also mitigating the unwanted increase in population sizes. The Community Cats of Estevan's main goal is to provide a humane way of decreasing the population size of feral and un-owned cats. This is a volunteer run group, we strive to help the community in the best way we can!

What is a Community Cat

A community cat is another term for a cat that lives within the community but has no home. These cats range from friendly to shy to feral. We hope in our efforts that we are able to remove the friendly adoptable cats and kittens and get them into homes, but for the most part our goal is TNR, Trap, Neuter, Return.

How Can I Get Involved

A great way you can get involved is by becoming a Community Cat Caretaker. This duty entails visiting the discrete location of our Community Cat Colonies on a regular basis, providing them with food and water and keeping an eye out for any potential new cats so the Community Cat Committee can arrange for a trap and neuter day. Taking photos for our team to update our page with the stories of how these cats are doing will also be an encouraged duty. Teamwork will be a major player in making this project a success!

If you are concerned about an area in town, please contact us to report the cats in your area. We can then arrange to move forward with our procedure and help your neighborhood. Please understand, this doesn't mean the cats go away. The cats will very much still be living in the area. With the TNR program, these cats are fixed and released, which declines the need to roam. They provide vital assistance in rodent control, believe us, the rodents are there!

Donate to our cause!

* Feral: (especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.

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