Pets impounded for violations under the City of Estevan Animal Control Bylaws are held at our facility.. Please visit our facility at Jenson Rd. or call 306-634-3444 if your animal is missing and may be impounded.

Pets are held for three business days after the day of impoundment. Pets NOT claimed by their owners within this time will undergo health and behavioral assessments and applications will be accepted. Animals that are deemed adoptable will then become available for adoption by the public after an additional 7 days for a total of 10 days.

Any cat or dog that has been impounded will be subject to an Impound fee. If the pet has identification and cannot be reclaimed within 10 (ten) days, the owner will be charged boarding fees of $15.00 for each day starting from the impound day.  If the pet has not been reclaimed by the closing of 3 business plus the day of impoundment the Pet will become the property of The Estevan Humane Society. Owners are also responsible for any costs incurred for urgent veterinary care if their pet is brought in wounded or has a medical condition that may impact the welfare of other animals in the facility.

Under city bylaws, pets must by licensed. These licenses can be obtained at city hall. Pets with current licenses, wearing their city tags may have the impound fee waived once per calendar year.

Impoundment fees and other bylaw information can be found here: