Cruelty is causing or allowing an animal to be in distress willfully or by negligence. 

Section 2 of the Animal Protection Act states that an animal is in distress if it is:

  • deprived of adequate food and water

  • deprived of adequate care (if required, veterinary care must be provided within a reasonable amount of time)

  • deprived of adequate shelter (relief from sun, extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, wind);

  • injured, sick, in pain or suffering;

  • abused or neglected

Animal Protection Services

The Estevan Humane Society is not a provincially mandated Animal protection officer. To report cruelty to animals, please contact the the Saskatchewan SPCA or your local RCMP detachment. 


An Animal Protection Officer, under the Animal Protection Act, can:

  • investigate complaints of neglect, cruelty, and animals in distress

  • obtain a search warrant to gain access to animals for the purpose of investigating possible distress situations

  • take appropriate action to relieve an animal of distress, including seizing the animal, where the owner has not taken appropriate action

  • inspect, without a warrant, during ordinary business hours, any premises other than a private dwelling where animals are kept for sale, hire, or exhibition

An Animal Protection Officer cannot:

  • prevent someone from owning animals unless that person is convicted of an offence.

  • prosecute someone for an offence without evidence.

If this is in regard to an animal running loose or a barking dog, please contact your local Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Control. If you are reporting an animal which appears to be in distress (dying) please contact your nearest Veterinary Clinic immediately as these situations constitute an emergency. Once the animal is under the care of a Veterinarian, contact EHS.